5 Things Amateur Wedding Photographers Should Learn First

wedding photographerA wedding is a joyous event that you as a photographer would feel proud to be a part of. You feel a certain sense of pride knowing that you were chosen to work on a big task. The big task involves capturing precious moments and delivering brilliant wedding pictures. These pictures are expected to reflect the beautiful and memorable wedding that happened.

If you are new to wedding photography, you will surely feel anxious on how your first wedding task will end up. Will you succeed or fail?

Well, you surely wouldn’t want to fail, right? Here are the 5 things that an amateur photographer like you should learn first so your wedding coverage will turn out successful.

  1. Scout the wedding venue

Find time to look at the wedding venue before the scheduled wedding. Plan your angles, position and things to bring. Know also if there are rules or limitations in the venue when it comes to taking pictures. Check also the lighting so you will be aware if light is insufficient or not. If it is, then you will have to bring a camera that works well in low light or an external flash if really necessary.

  1. Check then pack your gear

Bring at least 2 cameras, 2 lenses, 3 fully charged batteries and memory cards. If you plan to take individual and group portraits, include a tripod in your pack. Check if all equipment function and repair or replace when necessary. You cannot cover the whole wedding if your equipment suddenly malfunctions or you ran out of memory space.

  1. Clear things out

If you need to speak again with the couple to clarify things, then do so. Never hesitate to ask or clarify anything related to the wedding. You need to have a good business relationship with the couple. There must be a mutual understanding and respect for each other. This wedding photographer Berkshire finds this extremely important.

  1. Relax, enjoy and learn

Don’t stress out yourself thinking too much on negative things. Think positive and just do your best. Enjoy the wedding and instill in your mind every new lesson that you learn from the wedding. If you committed some mistakes, learn from it and try not to do the same mistake again.

  1. Practice whenever you can

You need to continuously hone your skills and aim to learn more on wedding photography. Wedding photography is a broad topic and even after many years of practice, you will notice that knowledge is unending.  Even the experienced Mallorca wedding photographers still continue to practice and learn how to best produce awesome wedding pictures.

You will learn something new from time to time. For first timers, practicing the shots and observing weddings by becoming a second shooter or assistant in some weddings can help you learn new knowledge.

These are only few of the many things a newbie wedding photographer should learn. Just continue trying to gaining knowledge and skills to be better in your chosen field.

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