8 Tips for Better Candid Shots

candid photographyCandid style of photography is becoming more and more popular today. You can see individuals taking shots of an interesting thing or person they see. Some of them are professional photographers applying the photojournalistic style of shooting. Others are average individuals who love to photograph during a birthday, wedding. There are also those who just simply love to click their camera for a candid shot. Whatever the reason is, candid photography surely has captured the interest of many photo buffs.

When we say a candid shot, what usually comes to mind is an unplanned pictorial. The subject of the picture is usually unaware that someone is photographing him or her. Most candid styles are non-manipulated and no prior preparation was done with the location and subjects involved. You capture the moments as they happen or you take shots of an unsuspecting subject with the aim of capturing real-life moments.

There are instances though that no matter how we try to get brilliant candid shots, we just can’t achieve it. Sometimes it is too late and the anticipated moment already passed, other times it is taking so long for the “moment” to happen and we finally decided to stop waiting and just give up.

Well, no worries, there are tips and techniques that can help you get better candid shots that are worth showing off to friends and clients.

  1. Bring your camera wherever you go

There are short-lived moments that are worth capturing on camera and you’ll have a better chance of taking these shots if your camera is easily accessible.

Since a DSLR is somehow heavy, you can use a mirrorless or point and shoot camera which you can simply slip into your jacket or place in a sling bag. But of course, for better shots you can bring a DSLR; place it in a comfortable camera bag with pockets that are easy to access.

  1. Avoid using flash

When you use a flash, you will capture the attention of the person you are photographing. This will make the person feel uneasy or even mad. Thus, it is important to be discreet when aiming for candid shots of an interesting subject.

Additionally, a flash often produces shadows on the image making it dark or appear with black areas. Photographers  of Amatya Photography normally don’t use flash unless really necessary.

  1. Shoot in burst or continuous mode.

By setting your camera to shoot in burst, you have a higher chance if getting better candid shots. You only click once and already have plenty of pics in sequence to choose from.

  1. Us e a zoom or telephoto lens

For more unnoticeable shooting, it is best to use a long lens so you can position yourself far from the subject. Even if the person is aware you are taking shots, he/she will still feel relaxed in whatever he is doing since you are not obtrusive.

  1. Find nice angles

Practice and learn to plan ahead on what angles are best for a particular location. Practice shooting in different angles and experiment on how to get unique candid shots. You can check out http://www.rowanwatts.co.uk for more ideas.

  1. Shoot plenty

Make it a habit to bring extra memory cards so you can shoot plenty. Shoot in different sizes, angles and poses. By taking plenty of pictures you later can have many to choose from. Of course, you need to aim for great shots at the start so you don’t waste your time and effort in shooting and it will also be less difficult to choose which ones are worth editing later.

The best tip is perhaps to be patient and respectful when doing candid shots. Do not just shoot anyone you want, think before you click and consider how the other person will think. Learn also to be patient when waiting for an anticipated moment or person.

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