Baby Portrait Photography Tips

baby portrait photographyLooking at the picture of a baby puts a smile on our face. We feel good whenever we see pictures of a baby hanging on a wall or displayed in the room. Babies certainly have this unique charm that can send good vibes to people surrounding them. Some professional photographers even decided to specialize in baby portrait photography because they find it exciting and fun.

Baby portrait photography is a specialized form of portrait photography where the subject is a baby. It is usually done inside a studio or in one of the rooms in the client’s house. Parents usually hire a baby photographer because they want to keep an image of their child while he/she is still young. A baby only becomes a newborn for a short time, which is in the first two weeks while the infancy stage is only in the first 18 months and it will never recur again in a person’s life.  This makes baby portrait photography important to parents.

Now, if you want to specialize in baby portrait photography, there are tips you can apply to make your baby portraits look better and close to perfect.

  1. Study your camera

You definitely cannot get the shots right if you don’t even know how to use your camera. Familiarize each setting, mode and control in your camera so you can adjust it according to your desired newborn photography shot.

  1. Use natural light

Light coming from the sun and entering into the window is the best light to use when shooting baby portraits. It can flatter the subject without overdoing it. Even this event photographer loves to make use of the natural light from the sun than light from a flash.

  1. Take macro shots

Macro shots of the newborn will certainly please the parents. They’d love to keep the images of their baby’s tiny hands, cute feet, pink cheeks and other facial features of their adorable child. Purchase a macro lens in order to produce awesome macro shots that your clients will really love.

  1. Try different angles

Getting ideas from fellow photographers on what angles are best to get the shots you want can help you master baby portraits faster. Practice also on where and to position yourself when shooting in different angles. Keep in mind that images look different depending on the angle you are shooting.

  1. Know the best times

Since newborn photo shoots are usually held indoors, the best way to get sharp images is to use natural light. And since there are times that the sunlight is too harsh, you will have to choose the best times for the shoot. Most photographers prefer shooting early morning and late afternoon when the sun is no longer too bright.

  1. Always be prepared

Make it a habit to prepare days ahead before the schedule baby photo shoot. Check your cameras and other accessories, practice using your camera, finalize the details with the parents and back your bag.

  1. Take a lot of shots

Shooting a lot can help you get more options to choose from when deciding later on which ones to keep or have printed. Also, don’t forget to check background before clicking on your camera so you can make sure there are no unnecessary elements in the background that can take away the focus from the real subject – the baby.

There are other tips and techniques you can apply in order to get perfect baby portraits. Check online for more information or talk to credible professional photographer for helpful advice.


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