How to Get Started with Adobe Lightroom

adobe lightroomIn professional photography, taking pictures using a great camera with correct settings is not enough. You also need to know how to edit the pictures you took to make them look more brilliant and print-ready. This is particularly important if you are offering professional photography services. You need to produce the best pictures that will impress a client so he/she will hire your services again.

A photo editing software that can help you achieve the best pictures is Adobe Lightroom. Adobe Lightroom is an essential photography software that can help you arrange, edit and enhance pictures from your camera. The pictures you took can be transferred to your computer and from there you can use Lightroom to do the post production before presenting the final pictures to your client.

At present, the latest version which is Lightroom 6 can be used either as a single program or together with another program presented as Adobe Creative Cloud. If you are new to photo editing, it is best to start using Lightroom as a standalone tool.

The Adobe Lightroom program has changed a lot over the past years and the latest version, Lightroom 6, is said to be faster and better than the past versions. There are noticeable upgrades in Lightroom 6 that delights avid users and really helped them produce more awesome images.

If you are a beginner in Lightroom, you need to learn first the basics of this program before trying to master more complex photo editing techniques.

To help you get started, here are some basic information on Adobe Lightroom 6.

  1. Organizing your photos

Once you can get your hands on a computer, you can import photos from your camera by inserting the memory card. With Adobe Lightroom 6, importing is faster so less time is spent for this.

Once the photos are imported, you can keep a folder of the original photos and rename the folder to something that is easy to remember. This can help you easily search for the folder in the future. Next, choose the best photos and save them in a separate folder or add them under Collections.

To mark the best pictures, you can choose from numbers 1 to 5 keys and save your favorites in one folder. The rest can be deleted or moved to a separate folder. Los Angeles Wedding Photographer does this in order to save time especially since he has lots of scheduled events.

  1. Editing your photos by batch

To save you time, some images that appear similar can be edited all at the same time. This is what we call batch editing. To do this, choose one image, edit it and then click Ctrl C to copy the settings of that image then move to the other image, click on them and press Ctrl V. You’re done. After batch editing, you can go ahead and retouch the remaining best pictures.

  1. Learning the different tabs and panels

In the Lightroom program, you can find different tabs and panels that are used for specific function. It is important for you to learn what each panel is for and what it contains. Go over each section and have a look on how to use it. Wedding Photographer London has already familiarized and mastered each panel.

Some of the panels or sections are Library, Find, Folders and Develop. The develop section is where you will do the editing or enhancing of photos while Library and Folders are where your pictures can be found.

  1. Mastering the editing tools

There are many tools in Lightroom that can give you the best final output of your images. Each tool should be carefully studied and mastered. You need to spend time in practicing each tool and a good way to start is by watching online tutorial videos. There are tutorial videos that can definitely help you learn fast.

By mastering how to use Lightroom 6, you can certainly deliver the best photos that your clients will love.

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