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How to Get Started with Adobe Lightroom

adobe lightroomIn professional photography, taking pictures using a great camera with correct settings is not enough. You also need to know how to edit the pictures you took to make them look more brilliant and print-ready. This is particularly important if you are offering professional photography services. You need to produce the best pictures that will impress a client so he/she will hire your services again.

A photo editing software that can help you achieve the best pictures is Adobe Lightroom. Adobe Lightroom is an essential photography software that can help you arrange, edit and enhance pictures from your camera. The pictures you took can be transferred to your computer and from there you can use Lightroom to do the post production before presenting the final pictures to your client.

At present, the latest version which is Lightroom 6 can be used either as a single program or together with another program presented as Adobe Creative Cloud. If you are new to photo editing, it is best to start using Lightroom as a standalone tool.

The Adobe Lightroom program has changed a lot over the past years and the latest version, Lightroom 6, is said to be faster and better than the past versions. There are noticeable upgrades in Lightroom 6 that delights avid users and really helped them produce more awesome images.

If you are a beginner in Lightroom, you need to learn first the basics of this program before trying to master more complex photo editing techniques.

To help you get started, here are some basic information on Adobe Lightroom 6.

  1. Organizing your photos

Once you can get your hands on a computer, you can import photos from your camera by inserting the memory card. With Adobe Lightroom 6, importing is faster so less time is spent for this.

Once the photos are imported, you can keep a folder of the original photos and rename the folder to something that is easy to remember. This can help you easily search for the folder in the future. Next, choose the best photos and save them in a separate folder or add them under Collections.

To mark the best pictures, you can choose from numbers 1 to 5 keys and save your favorites in one folder. The rest can be deleted or moved to a separate folder. Los Angeles Wedding Photographer does this in order to save time especially since he has lots of scheduled events.

  1. Editing your photos by batch

To save you time, some images that appear similar can be edited all at the same time. This is what we call batch editing. To do this, choose one image, edit it and then click Ctrl C to copy the settings of that image then move to the other image, click on them and press Ctrl V. You’re done. After batch editing, you can go ahead and retouch the remaining best pictures.

  1. Learning the different tabs and panels

In the Lightroom program, you can find different tabs and panels that are used for specific function. It is important for you to learn what each panel is for and what it contains. Go over each section and have a look on how to use it. Wedding Photographer London has already familiarized and mastered each panel.

Some of the panels or sections are Library, Find, Folders and Develop. The develop section is where you will do the editing or enhancing of photos while Library and Folders are where your pictures can be found.

  1. Mastering the editing tools

There are many tools in Lightroom that can give you the best final output of your images. Each tool should be carefully studied and mastered. You need to spend time in practicing each tool and a good way to start is by watching online tutorial videos. There are tutorial videos that can definitely help you learn fast.

By mastering how to use Lightroom 6, you can certainly deliver the best photos that your clients will love.

Why You MUST Use Lightroom for Editing Your Wedding Photographs

adobe lightroomA wedding photographer’s job doesn’t end when the wedding he/she covered has ended. Instead, the real job starts right after the wedding. Wedding photographers need to edit hundreds or even thousands of photos per wedding event.

Photo editing can be a vey daunting task especially if you are new to photo editing and don’t know what software to use. One of the photo editing software preferred by many beginners is Lightroom.

Lightroom is a program that allows you to organize, edit, enhance and share photos. Some of its features are similar to Adobe Photoshop which is another program popular among professional photographers.

You can use Lightroom for free for 30 days and after that you can choose to pay only $149 anually. This tool is essential to photographers and similar professionals who need to produce brilliant images.

For wedding photographers, Lightroom makes it easier for them to finish editing fast and produce well-retouched and enhanced pictures. Here are some of the best features of Lightroom that you can use in editing wedding photographs

  1. Crop and straighten tool – for easy cropping and straightening of pictures using gridlines as guide.
  2. Vibrance tool – to enhance blues particularly skies and seas.
  3. White Balance dropper – to change the white balance in a picture.
  4. Fill Light – lighten parts of the photos that are dark.
  5. Recovery Tool – to bring back color to the picture that it overexposed (too bright)
  6. Noise Reduction – to remove unwanted grains and lines in the photo

If you are planning to use Lightroom but are not thoroughly convinced, then here are some reasons you must use Lightroom for editing wedding photos.

  1. Easy to learn and use

Learning how to use Lightroom is not that difficult because its tools are easy to understand. Like other programs, of course you need to practice and practice until you master how to use each tool.

  1. Quick importing and organizing of photos

Once you get hold of your computer, you should insert your memory card using a card reader and then create folders and sub-folders. Name the main folder to something easy to remember and then you can right away import it into Lightroom. You can find the photos on the Library Module of Lightroom.

  1. Mark best photos and delete the rest

Choosing the best wedding photos is easy using Lightroom. You only need to choose a number from 1-5 to mark the photos you like. You can randomly choose from 1-5 or you can mark 5 those that are your favorites and give a lesser value to those that you also find ok. Pictures that you haven’t “marked” can be deleted. Just click on “edit” “select rating”, “none” and then “delete”. Brentwood Wedding photographer does this with his wedding photographs.

  1. Retouching wedding portraits are made easy

Lightroom also makes it easier for you to retouch portrait shots especially the couple’s shots. You can remove blemishes and eye bags, whiten teeth and soften skin color among others. You can define and play with different settings like temp, tint, exposure, contrast, shadows and clarity until you get the perfect image. Check out the pictures by portrait photography twickenham to see wonderful example of portraits.

It is wise for you to only retouch or fully edit those that are for print. Other pictures can be edited in bulk.

  1. Various presets to choose from

Lightroom offers various presets that you can use for multiple images so you can edit faster without having to apply complex adjustments. No need to think of how to edit all pictures individually.

  1. Batch editing is best done in Lightroom

Lightroom can help you save time in editing by doing it in bulking. Choose first image, edit it and copy the setting to the other images. Most professional wedding photographers edit in bulk those that appear almost similar and they only focus on the best shots that will be compiled in an album.

Lightroom is definitely an efficient photo editing tool that wedding photographers should learn to use. This program can surely make life easier for all wedding photographers.

Should you use Flash Photography during a Wedding Ceremony?

camera flashWeddings are precious and usually happen once in a person’s life. For this reason, the bride and groom want to store the memories of this wonderful event through plenty of awesome wedding photos.  These wedding photos are gathered in an album to create a love story that can be told and shared even after many years.

Wedding photographers are very visible in most weddings. They are the ones who make it possible to save great images of the precious memories that happened throughout the wedding. Wedding photographers use different styles when taking pictures. Some choose the posed style while others go with the candid style. There are photographers who use flash in photographing while there are those who totally avoid using the camera flash when covering weddings.

As we all know, a camera flash can illuminate a location or scene so that the subject/s we are photographing can be seen clearly in the picture. In wedding photography, there is a continuing debate on whether a photographer should use flash photography during a wedding ceremony or not?

To Flash or Not: Advantages and Disadvantages

Flash photography is best used for locations that are dark or have low light. It can help a picture look visible, clear and bright even with the lack of light. The slight problem though is that the light coming from a flash is sometimes too harsh and this can create unwanted shadows behind the subjects.

In covering weddings or other solemn events, you might need to think twice before using a flash. This is because a flash can be distracting to the groom, bride as well as to their guests. It can catch their attention and may disrupt the moment.

Bounce the Light

A great solution by professional photographers (like this wedding photographer essex) when using a flash is to bounce the light by pointing the flash on the wall or ceiling instead of aiming directly at the bride and groom or to your chosen subject. Bouncing the light helps reduce the light so only soft light will go to the subject.

Amateur photographers will have to practice bouncing the light to be able to do it perfectly for the actual photo shoot. They need to know the right angles as well as their camera’s ISO capability.

Now going back to the question on whether to use flash photography during a wedding ceremony, here are other things to consider:

  1. There are churches who do not allow the use of flash during the wedding ceremony particularly during the exchange of vows. Make sure you are aware of any similar rules so you won’t violate any.
  2. Most indoor wedding locations have low light but there are cameras now that have high ISO settings which can help you get the light you need. Do whatever you can to know more about your camera’s features and capacity before deciding to use a flash.

To sum up, it is advisable to only use flash if there’s no other way to obtain the light you need. There are other accessories in the market that you can buy and use. You can also try to find the best lighted spot within the location and use your camera flash if you don’t find any. Continue practicing with your camera and getting tips from the photography experts like Essex wedding photographer Rachael so that one day you will be one of them.

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Wedding Photographer

“My friend photographed my wedding and ruined my wedding photos – what should I do?” Sounds familiar?

Unfortunately this is an all too common complaint among couples who have just wedded. In most cases there is not much they can do and in some they might scan the photos and let Photoshop do its magic, a very costly affair which might still not achieve its purpose.

Many couples find out the hard way when they allow a “budding photographer” friend who has a nice camera, or who can “photograph” to take their wedding photos. They overlook the fact that this friend hasn’t had any prior experience in photographing weddings or any function for that matter. In an effort to save on costs by not hiring a professional wedding photographer, the couple ends up regretting by having this constant reminder of wedding photography gone wrong on their wedding photos.

Unless the friend you are hiring is a real professional, then you really have to let all your friends and family simply enjoy your big day and not work on it. Let the professionals take the helm and run things on that day and chances of things going wrong would be significantly reduced.

More reasons why you should always hire a professional and never your amateur friend for your wedding photography are as follows:-

Full Commitment 

The professional will of course be committed to you on your big day because of course you are paying them to do that job for you. They will definitely show up for your wedding and do their job, no excuses or questions arising. It is not uncommon to find friends who promise to take photographs then “something crops up” and they let you know a day to the wedding, leaving you emotionally distressed trying to look for a replacement. A hired and paid professional is obligated to do their job perfectly and in most cases they hardly disappoint.

The Benefit Of Experience

Professionals will of course have the much needed experience and will therefore know exactly what to do. With the experienced professional in charge, your stress level before or during the wedding will be alleviated. They will know the best shots to take and you will not have to direct them to do anything as you are mostly likely to with your amateur photographer friend.

The Best Results

Paying for a service especially wedding photography is of course highly likely to get you impressive results. Paying will certainly make all the difference. First there is a contract between the two of you and the reputation of the professional at stake. Therefore, best results are usually guaranteed in most cases.

No Strain On Relationships

Working with a professional allows you to build a relationship while on the other hand working with a friend jeopardizes your relationship. The friend might feel that you are making them work for too little or for free which is unfair. You might also be unhappy with the results but can’t tell them for fear of ruining your relationship.

As much as you would like to cut down on costs, never hire friends or family to do the professional’s job. Simply look for other ways to minimize your wedding budget because those ways do exist. Let your friends and family enjoy your wedding day and allow the pros to deliver; the above reasons more than confirm that you should.

How to find a professional photographer?

Contact us firstly – we would love to photograph your wedding.  If we can’t do the date, then the easiest thing to do is use Google. Simply typing in something like “wedding photographers Northampton” will give you a list of wedding photographers working in the Northampton area.

Get The Best Wedding Photographer For Your Event

Making preparations for your wedding day can be a bit overwhelming. There is usually so much to do with time running out. Even with all the pressure, you have to make the right decisions since your big day has to be perfect. Hiring service providers is one of the trickiest tasks you have to undertake.

The wedding photographer in particular has to be extremely professional to deliver creative and magnificent photos that will forever define the memories of the wedding. You therefore have to take your time in choosing a good wedding photographer if you hope to get amazing pictures. The following is a guide on how to find a wedding photographer.

Wedding photographer selection tips

Style of the photographer – In order to find the ideal photographer, you should find one that shoots the type of pictures that dominate the theme of your wedding. If you plan to have your wedding outdoors, the photographer should be experienced in shooting great outdoors pictures. They should not only have a good portfolio to show you, but you should look out for random pictures. A photographer who has an artistic mind is the best candidate to get those one-in-a-millions shots that are considered pure genius.

Does the photographer work alone or with a team? – This question will be important in the overall scheme of things. Some photographers also double up as video photographers and will have a crew doing the video filming while they shoot the stills. This arrangement can be a good combination because the photographer will be able to complement the efforts of the video crew. If the photographer prefers to work alone, it is not a problem as long as you know that fact and adjust accordingly.

Does the photographer prefer to shoot according to a guideline? – During the wedding, there are certain pictures that are standard. You may choose to work with a photographer that takes all the expected shots or one who looks for the extraordinary shots. If your photographer is highly creative, they are likely to opt for the unexpected shots. For such a photographer, it is best to ensure that he comes with a capable assistant to take all the usual pictures while the main photographer takes those shots that tell stories on their own. On the official pictures, you can make a checklist of all the required shots to ensure you have everything you need.

Cost of the photography job – With a wedding tied to a budget, it is important to go for a photographer who is good but fits within your budget. There are huge disparities in the cost of photography services, and it is important for you to get the full costs of the service. Although the charges by a photographer should not be determining factor in the hiring decision, a photographer charging too much may put you off.

Rights to the pictures – Many clients have been surprised to find the photographer claiming to own the rights to the photos after the wedding. Such photographers hand in the agreed copies and ask for extra money for any reprints requested for later. It is best to work with a photographer that hands you all the material including the rights to the photos after the wedding.

If you follow the above tips on how to find a wedding photographer, you are no doubt going to get the ideal person for the job.


Before jumping into photography, you need to know what field you’d love to be with the most. Such are those like sports photography, underwater photography, astrophotography or wildlife photography. You have to stick out what signature shot you can do the most too. This is that you can be flexible when switching into a different field of photography. Say like when your taking pictures of animals during the night, and you suddenly made a feeling and urge to take a long exposure of the sky. Turns out to be that you have switched into a different subject rather than capturing animal pictures.

Now back to the discussion. Taking photographs of the sky may give you a better view than what your eye can give. One of the most rewarding thing about it is that you get to see what others can’t – the true beauty of the night sky. And of course, before going out into the open, you need to gear up to protect your self and your equipment. You should also be able to find the perfect spot to take the shots and images. You can go either a good distance between medium sized trees to give you shadowy effects and breathtaking images.  For more tips and basics on how to capture the perfect night sky images, you can watch the video below.