Should you use Flash Photography during a Wedding Ceremony?

camera flashWeddings are precious and usually happen once in a person’s life. For this reason, the bride and groom want to store the memories of this wonderful event through plenty of awesome wedding photos.  These wedding photos are gathered in an album to create a love story that can be told and shared even after many years.

Wedding photographers are very visible in most weddings. They are the ones who make it possible to save great images of the precious memories that happened throughout the wedding. Wedding photographers use different styles when taking pictures. Some choose the posed style while others go with the candid style. There are photographers who use flash in photographing while there are those who totally avoid using the camera flash when covering weddings.

As we all know, a camera flash can illuminate a location or scene so that the subject/s we are photographing can be seen clearly in the picture. In wedding photography, there is a continuing debate on whether a photographer should use flash photography during a wedding ceremony or not?

To Flash or Not: Advantages and Disadvantages

Flash photography is best used for locations that are dark or have low light. It can help a picture look visible, clear and bright even with the lack of light. The slight problem though is that the light coming from a flash is sometimes too harsh and this can create unwanted shadows behind the subjects.

In covering weddings or other solemn events, you might need to think twice before using a flash. This is because a flash can be distracting to the groom, bride as well as to their guests. It can catch their attention and may disrupt the moment.

Bounce the Light

A great solution by professional photographers (like this wedding photographer essex) when using a flash is to bounce the light by pointing the flash on the wall or ceiling instead of aiming directly at the bride and groom or to your chosen subject. Bouncing the light helps reduce the light so only soft light will go to the subject.

Amateur photographers will have to practice bouncing the light to be able to do it perfectly for the actual photo shoot. They need to know the right angles as well as their camera’s ISO capability.

Now going back to the question on whether to use flash photography during a wedding ceremony, here are other things to consider:

  1. There are churches who do not allow the use of flash during the wedding ceremony particularly during the exchange of vows. Make sure you are aware of any similar rules so you won’t violate any.
  2. Most indoor wedding locations have low light but there are cameras now that have high ISO settings which can help you get the light you need. Do whatever you can to know more about your camera’s features and capacity before deciding to use a flash.

To sum up, it is advisable to only use flash if there’s no other way to obtain the light you need. There are other accessories in the market that you can buy and use. You can also try to find the best lighted spot within the location and use your camera flash if you don’t find any. Continue practicing with your camera and getting tips from the photography experts like Essex wedding photographer Rachael so that one day you will be one of them.

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