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How to Get Started in Professional Wedding Photography

wedding photographerWedding photography is one of the well-liked types of photography. A lot of professional photographers find it fun, interesting and promising. Not only do they get to become part of different couples’ union in marriage but they also get to earn an income and enjoy the moment.

Professional wedding photography has evolved a lot over the past decades. Those who are interested in becoming a professional wedding shooter now have many things to learn in order to become successful. There are also plenty of forms to choose from plus the competition is tight making your chance of becoming popular a bit slimmer than before.

If you are wondering how you can get started in professional wedding photography, then here are some helpful tips.

  1. Buy the right stuff

DSLR cameras no doubt the best to use for professional photography. There are specific cameras, though, that offer special features intended for wedding photographers. Make sure to choose the camera based on your needs, budget and comfort.

Aside from the camera, it is also important to choose the right lenses and accessories. There are lenses that are widely used for weddings like prime lens 50mm for portrait shots, standard zoom for the exchange of vows and wide angle for venue shots. Accessories that you need include a tripod or monopod, spare batteries and memory cards among others.

  1. Understand common photography terms

Photography terms like aperture, shutter and exposure are among those that you will encounter when working as a photographer. You have to fully understand what and how you can apply these to your work as a professional wedding photographer, much more a Seattle wedding photographer.

  1. Master your camera settings

Mastering your camera settings can make it more possible for you to produce impressive wedding photos. You can choose which shooting modes to use and what adjustments to make to perfect a specific shot. Once you have mastered the settings, find time to practice and experiment in shooting so you can produce more unique photos.

  1. Get connected with the right people

Referrals and word of mouth still matter eve with the modern technology we have now. It is thus best for you to meet and network with other wedding professionals. You can find them on bridal events or similar gatherings and there are also many of them online. Choose the right people to meet, introduce yourself or reach out thru email or online messaging.

  1. Put up your own business website

Having your own wedding photography website can add more exposure to your business and can make it easier for you to connect with potential customers. Most successful photographers today, like those in cake smash photography, have their own website. You can add information and your best photos for online audience to see. Make it a habit to regularly post interesting articles to add more credibility to you and your business. Allocate time also to answer queries sent via email or to your website.

  1. Take a photography course

Last but not the least, taking a photography course preferable one related to wedding photography can help you learn the factual information. You can use the knowledge as well as the skills you gained to become better in wedding photography.

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Wedding Photography: How to Stand Out Among Other Photographers

wedding photographyA wedding photographer plays a vital role in capturing memories of a wedding. Couples hire a wedding photographer to take pictures during their special and deliver them later for safekeeping. The great demand for wedding photographers is one reason why many professional photographers decide to specialize in wedding photography.

Making it big as a wedding photographer is not easy though. You have to be passionate, patient and determined in what you are doing in order to excel. Competition is also tight and you have to stand out among the crowd of photographers so more couples will hire you.

To help you excel as a wedding photographer, here are some tips you can follow.

  1. Develop skills through frequent practice

Frequent practice can help you gain more knowledge and learn more helpful techniques in wedding photography. It can improve your photography and help you develop the right skills to get the perfect wedding shots you need.

  1. Invest in the right equipment

It is undeniable that owning the right photography equipment is important in producing the perfect wedding pictures. You do not have to buy the most expensive or latest cameras or lenses; you only need to be wise in buying. Check out the specifications and features of the items you want to purchase before actually buying them.

  1. Build an amazing work portfolio

A work portfolio is what potential clients first look at when meeting with a wedding photographer Hertfordshire like you. It is vital for you to build an impressive work portfolio that contains your experiences, achievements including the photography training or workshops you took. You can also include here your experiences as a second shooter when you were just starting in wedding photography.

  1. Develop your own style

Think carefully on what trademark as well as style you want to be known for. Do you want to show more creative photos? What wedding photography style do you want to be known for? Is it traditional, artistic, photojournalistic, glamorous or a combination of styles? Develop your own style that you think will entice more customers your way. Observe also your competitors or professional wedding photographers from wedding photography staffordshire you look up to but develop your own identity and create your own unique style.

  1. Use different platforms to market your business

Marketing yourself is important to make you stand out among others. You need to use effective marketing strategies through different platforms in order to reach your target market – engaged couples. You can apply expose yourself by building a strong network with fellow wedding vendors. Join events where you get to meet and connect with the right people. Prepare the business cards, leaflets and other promotional materials you can give it.

Online marketing is also a good way to stand out among other photographers. Build a great website, create social media accounts and answer customers’ queries in a timely manner. Using different social media platforms can surely help promote your business and add credibility to you as a professional wedding photographer.

With determination, patience, passion and skills, you can have a higher chance of becoming a known wedding photographer and edging out your competitors.

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Pros and Cons of Online Photography Classes

professional photographyA career in professional photography is among the most desired professions today. Many people especially photo hobbyists decide to learn advanced photography through taking photography classes. There are photography courses being offered in schools today in almost all parts of the world. The good news is that with the modern technology we have now, most of us already have access on the internet which resulted to the formation of online photography classes.

Photography courses can now be taken online by those who are interested to learn professional photography. You can get to know about a specific photography type like alternative wedding photography, newborn photography or portrait photography. Some are happy about these online classes while there are those skeptics who do not think that online photography classes can help them learn photography.

If you are interested in taking an online photography course but have doubts about it, then you have to think carefully if this suits you or not. You have to weigh in the pros and cons of online photography classes and then you can decide if it is for you or not.

Here are the pros and cons of taking photography classes online.


  1. Learn anywhere, anytime

As long as you have access to the Internet, you can take the class at your own convenience. You can choose to study while inside the coffee shop, in the comforts of your own home or even at the park. There are downloadable learning materials that will be shared to you by your instructor via email or thru a website which you can study when time permits.

  1. Easy transfer of information

Books and training materials will be accessible through a website or a medium set by the school or instructor. There is so much ease in the transfer of information since everything is set online. You can even have a chat session with your classmates or instructors if someone (most likely the instructor) sets it. You can exchange information with fellow students through this online chat session.

  1. More affordable (usually)

Depending on what courses you plan to take as well as in what photography school you enrolled in, you can possibly spend less when taking an online course. No need to buy books or other materials if you have no budget for such since everything is readily online. Some schools also set their online course to be cheaper than in-class so you will have to compare the costs when choosing between online and traditional classes.


  1. Less interaction among students

There is no real, face to face interaction among students which some might think is not good. Other students find this beneficial though since there are students who are more efficient in learning on their own without others interacting or “disturbing” them.

Students who take online course also learn at their own pace which means they most likely won’t see each other even online unless a weekly or regular online chat or conference is set.

  1. Difficulty in getting help

You take the class depending on your availability or schedule. There is a possibility that your instructor is not online when you are so you cannot ask questions or help in case you need some clarifications about a particular topic in photography. A solution to this is to ask for your professor’s contact information like phone, mobile, email addresses and even social media accounts. You can also ask what times and days the professor is online so you can get in touch and ask for help when necessary.

Consider your time, budget and even your personality when deciding to enroll or not to an online photography class. Make sure that the instructor is really skilled like this wedding photographer Cheshire. Look also for a photography school that is accredited to you can get a diploma or a certificate once you have finished the course.

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Why Hire a Second Shooter for Your Wedding

wedding photographyCouples who are planning their wedding look forward to having the memories of this special event captured or recorded on camera. Most of them would hire a professional wedding photographer to do the huge task of photographing the event and delivering brilliant wedding pictures that are worth keeping.

A wedding photographer is definitely important to hire for your wedding. The question now is, should you hire a second shooter for your big day? A second shooter is another photographer who will assist the primary photographer in covering the wedding. He/she usually coordinates with the main shooter and is associated with the same company.

Some wedding photographers hampshire will include the option of another shooter in the wedding package at a higher rate so couples can have another alternative. Is it really important to have two photographers for your wedding? Isn’t one photographer enough? Well, we have assessed the same thing and we came up with the answer that indeed hiring a second shooter is important.

Below are the reasons why you should consider getting two (or more) photographers for your wedding.

  1. Your main photographer cannot be in two places at once

Normally, a wedding photographer will focus on the couple and the moments during the wedding preparation, the ceremony and the wedding party. At times, there are great or fun moments that happen among the guests that cannot be covered by the main photographer because he/she is busy taking shots of the couple. The only solution to this is if there is someone who can position himself or herself in another spot and take pictures of the guests.

  1. More fleeting moments and people can be photographed

In weddings, the number of guests varies but in most weddings there will be more than 100 guests. And so, by having a second shooter, more people can be captured on camera and both photographers can surely cover more special, fleeting moments.

  1. Better wedding coverage when two heads work together

Two photographers especially from the same company who have worked together before can surely plan the coverage better. The main photographer can lead the planning and assign which parts of the wedding the second shooter will cover or where the second photographer will position himself.

These photographers can even discuss among themselves about taking turns in eating their meal during break. One can take his light meal while the other one continues taking pictures then later on they’ll exchange roles and the other photographers get to rest.

  1. Wide variety of wedding shots

Two photographers can certainly bring more cameras, lenses and accessories that can help produce different kinds of shots. One wedding photographer kent can attach a wide-angle lens on his/her camera to shoot pictures of the wedding venue or the guests while the other one uses a zoom lens or prime lens to take portrait shots of the couple. These two photographers can definitely come up with more awesome pictures that you will truly love.

Of course, the choice of having two photographers will still depend on your budget and in many other factors. If you think your wedding photographer is very skilled and can work on the wedding alone, then you don’t have to hire another one.

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