Pros and Cons of Hiring a Wedding Videographer

wedding videographyDuring the wedding planning, an engaged couple normally writes down the things they need for their wedding as well as the people they have to hire. The list will surely include the venue, the caterer, florist and wedding photographer. Some couples add a wedding videographer to their list while others don’t. Do you think the service of a wedding videographer is really important for your wedding? Or is it just another unnecessary expense?

Well, we have talked to couples who recently tied the knot and asked for their thoughts on how important or not it is to hire the services of a professional wedding videographer. Several couples regret not having one while there are pairs who were satisfied with the outcome of their wedding even without a wedding videographer.

If you are still undecided on whether to hire the professional services of a videographer or not, here are some pros and cons of getting one. This will hopeful help you come up with the right decision.


  1. Share moments

A wedding videographer can record your wedding from start to finish or just some special parts of the wedding ceremony. The wedding video that he/she will produce can be shared to your loved ones later on. Your future kids will be able to witness how your wedding went and how their mom and dad professed their love to each other.

  1. Record fleeting happenings

A wedding usually occurs once in your lifetime and since a lot of things happen around during the wedding ceremony and party, there are certainly happenings that you have missed. These fleeting happenings or moments might have been captured on camera by the professional wedding videographer you hired.

  1. Real emotions

Your professional wedding photographer might be able to produce photos that display mixture of emotions among the couple and their guests. But then, a wedding video goes a step further and gives you the real, genuine, lifelike way things happened and how your guests happily shared this special day with you.

  1. Professional, high quality video

Yes you can definitely have someone among your flock of guests take a video of your wedding but do you think he/she can deliver the kind of video you expect to see? Remember that professional wedding videographers have the skills, knowledge and equipment which they can use to produce professional, high quality wedding video while your assigned videographer won’t have any of those.


  1. Additional cost for the couple

A wedding videography does not come cheap. It can be an added burden to the couple who really cannot afford it. But then, if you think you can squeeze it in your budget by lowering the cost of other wedding expenses then do so. As long as you hire a skilled professional videographer then you will not regret this added cost.

  1. Possible conflict with the wedding photographer

Some couples believe that a possible conflict may arise between the wedding photographer and videographer since both are going to cover the wedding and be all around the venue. Well, that is not likely to happen if you hire real professionals. Professional wedding vendors know how to get along with people in the same industry. They already know how to adjust or give way when necessary. Furthermore, if you hire both from the same company then much better since the two have worked with some weddings before and can plan together on how to cover your wedding.

  1. Intrusive

A wedding videographer will be following you around during the day maybe from the wedding preparations until the end of the wedding party. The recording of events will depend on what is agreed – whether to record only significant parts of the wedding or the entire wedding flow. If you think a wedding videographer might intrude or disturb your wedding and you feel uncomfortable followed at, then do not hire one. Remember though that you can give specific instructions to a wedding videographer and he/she will gladly conform to your requests or instructions.

Now, that you have read the pros and cons, you can now weigh in on whether hiring a wedding videographer is worth it or not.

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