The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Wedding Photographer

“My friend photographed my wedding and ruined my wedding photos – what should I do?” Sounds familiar?

Unfortunately this is an all too common complaint among couples who have just wedded. In most cases there is not much they can do and in some they might scan the photos and let Photoshop do its magic, a very costly affair which might still not achieve its purpose.

Many couples find out the hard way when they allow a “budding photographer” friend who has a nice camera, or who can “photograph” to take their wedding photos. They overlook the fact that this friend hasn’t had any prior experience in photographing weddings or any function for that matter. In an effort to save on costs by not hiring a professional wedding photographer, the couple ends up regretting by having this constant reminder of wedding photography gone wrong on their wedding photos.

Unless the friend you are hiring is a real professional, then you really have to let all your friends and family simply enjoy your big day and not work on it. Let the professionals take the helm and run things on that day and chances of things going wrong would be significantly reduced.

More reasons why you should always hire a professional and never your amateur friend for your wedding photography are as follows:-

Full Commitment 

The professional will of course be committed to you on your big day because of course you are paying them to do that job for you. They will definitely show up for your wedding and do their job, no excuses or questions arising. It is not uncommon to find friends who promise to take photographs then “something crops up” and they let you know a day to the wedding, leaving you emotionally distressed trying to look for a replacement. A hired and paid professional is obligated to do their job perfectly and in most cases they hardly disappoint.

The Benefit Of Experience

Professionals will of course have the much needed experience and will therefore know exactly what to do. With the experienced professional in charge, your stress level before or during the wedding will be alleviated. They will know the best shots to take and you will not have to direct them to do anything as you are mostly likely to with your amateur photographer friend.

The Best Results

Paying for a service especially wedding photography is of course highly likely to get you impressive results. Paying will certainly make all the difference. First there is a contract between the two of you and the reputation of the professional at stake. Therefore, best results are usually guaranteed in most cases.

No Strain On Relationships

Working with a professional allows you to build a relationship while on the other hand working with a friend jeopardizes your relationship. The friend might feel that you are making them work for too little or for free which is unfair. You might also be unhappy with the results but can’t tell them for fear of ruining your relationship.

As much as you would like to cut down on costs, never hire friends or family to do the professional’s job. Simply look for other ways to minimize your wedding budget because those ways do exist. Let your friends and family enjoy your wedding day and allow the pros to deliver; the above reasons more than confirm that you should.

How to find a professional photographer?

Contact us firstly – we would love to photograph your wedding.  If we can’t do the date, then the easiest thing to do is use Google. Simply typing in something like “wedding photographers Northampton” will give you a list of wedding photographers working in the Northampton area.

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