Before jumping into photography, you need to know what field you’d love to be with the most. Such are those like sports photography, underwater photography, astrophotography or wildlife photography. You have to stick out what signature shot you can do the most too. This is that you can be flexible when switching into a different field of photography. Say like when your taking pictures of animals during the night, and you suddenly made a feeling and urge to take a long exposure of the sky. Turns out to be that you have switched into a different subject rather than capturing animal pictures.

Now back to the discussion. Taking photographs of the sky may give you a better view than what your eye can give. One of the most rewarding thing about it is that you get to see what others can’t – the true beauty of the night sky. And of course, before going out into the open, you need to gear up to protect your self and your equipment. You should also be able to find the perfect spot to take the shots and images. You can go either a good distance between medium sized trees to give you shadowy effects and breathtaking images. ¬†For more tips and basics on how to capture the perfect night sky images, you can watch the video below.

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