Why You MUST Use Lightroom for Editing Your Wedding Photographs

adobe lightroomA wedding photographer’s job doesn’t end when the wedding he/she covered has ended. Instead, the real job starts right after the wedding. Wedding photographers need to edit hundreds or even thousands of photos per wedding event.

Photo editing can be a vey daunting task especially if you are new to photo editing and don’t know what software to use. One of the photo editing software preferred by many beginners is Lightroom.

Lightroom is a program that allows you to organize, edit, enhance and share photos. Some of its features are similar to Adobe Photoshop which is another program popular among professional photographers.

You can use Lightroom for free for 30 days and after that you can choose to pay only $149 anually. This tool is essential to photographers and similar professionals who need to produce brilliant images.

For wedding photographers, Lightroom makes it easier for them to finish editing fast and produce well-retouched and enhanced pictures. Here are some of the best features of Lightroom that you can use in editing wedding photographs

  1. Crop and straighten tool – for easy cropping and straightening of pictures using gridlines as guide.
  2. Vibrance tool – to enhance blues particularly skies and seas.
  3. White Balance dropper – to change the white balance in a picture.
  4. Fill Light – lighten parts of the photos that are dark.
  5. Recovery Tool – to bring back color to the picture that it overexposed (too bright)
  6. Noise Reduction – to remove unwanted grains and lines in the photo

If you are planning to use Lightroom but are not thoroughly convinced, then here are some reasons you must use Lightroom for editing wedding photos.

  1. Easy to learn and use

Learning how to use Lightroom is not that difficult because its tools are easy to understand. Like other programs, of course you need to practice and practice until you master how to use each tool.

  1. Quick importing and organizing of photos

Once you get hold of your computer, you should insert your memory card using a card reader and then create folders and sub-folders. Name the main folder to something easy to remember and then you can right away import it into Lightroom. You can find the photos on the Library Module of Lightroom.

  1. Mark best photos and delete the rest

Choosing the best wedding photos is easy using Lightroom. You only need to choose a number from 1-5 to mark the photos you like. You can randomly choose from 1-5 or you can mark 5 those that are your favorites and give a lesser value to those that you also find ok. Pictures that you haven’t “marked” can be deleted. Just click on “edit” “select rating”, “none” and then “delete”. Brentwood Wedding photographer does this with his wedding photographs.

  1. Retouching wedding portraits are made easy

Lightroom also makes it easier for you to retouch portrait shots especially the couple’s shots. You can remove blemishes and eye bags, whiten teeth and soften skin color among others. You can define and play with different settings like temp, tint, exposure, contrast, shadows and clarity until you get the perfect image. Check out the pictures by portrait photography twickenham to see wonderful example of portraits.

It is wise for you to only retouch or fully edit those that are for print. Other pictures can be edited in bulk.

  1. Various presets to choose from

Lightroom offers various presets that you can use for multiple images so you can edit faster without having to apply complex adjustments. No need to think of how to edit all pictures individually.

  1. Batch editing is best done in Lightroom

Lightroom can help you save time in editing by doing it in bulking. Choose first image, edit it and copy the setting to the other images. Most professional wedding photographers edit in bulk those that appear almost similar and they only focus on the best shots that will be compiled in an album.

Lightroom is definitely an efficient photo editing tool that wedding photographers should learn to use. This program can surely make life easier for all wedding photographers.

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